Key party: her story

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Key party: her story

We take it as an article of faith that suburban swingers from decades past engaged in a partner-swapping phenomenon known as key parties. As the lore goes, sets of car keys picked from a fishbowl would determine randomized sexual pairings of Quaaluded-up couples who would then supposedly go off and fuck.

But did key parties really ever happen? Or did they grow into a widely accepted urban myth after Hollywood invented them? SF Weekly sifted through 50 years of human sexuality literature to see if we could lock down the truth about the legend behind key parties. A shirtless Dr.

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Albert Ellis. This is probably the rarest kind of mate-switching today. So the concept was out there inand that suggests people may have tried it.

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Robert Lawrence says. But it may be all talk. Undoubtedly, the structure of a key party is right out of a straight-male pipe dream. Key party lore is exclusively heterosexual, women are not afforded sexual veto power, and men are guaranteed a partner with no chance of rejection.

This all seems out of line with even the earliest sexual liberation ethics. There are researchers who maintain that key parties definitely happened. That analysis is based on secondhand stories — which determines whether you believe key parties happened. Then sure, somebody said that somebody said key parties happened.

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Skip to content. Link copied to clipboard! Load Comments. Older Posts.PG min Comedy, Family, Fantasy. On the outskirts of Whoville lives a green, revenge-seeking Grinch who plans to ruin Christmas for all of the citizens of the town. Eight friends, all in a stable relationship, decide to venture into a game of sexual discovery by exchanging couples while trying to free themselves from their daily routine and add a spicy touch to their love life.

Votes: R min Drama. In suburban New Canaan, Connecticut,middle class families experimenting with casual sex and substance abuse find their lives beyond their control.

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Unrated 95 min Comedy, Drama, Romance. After moving to Palm Springs, a young married couple puts their love to the test when they discover their neighbors are swingers.

key party: her story

R 85 min Crime, Drama, Thriller. The notorious case of the Hillside Strangler is the basis for this startling thriller directed primarily with an over-used hand-held camera by Chris Fisher Nightstalker TV 85 min Drama. A young married couple makes a huge mistake by agreeing to participate in a secret swingers' party in their suburban neighborhood, and soon both of them are being targeted by a jealous and homicidal neighbor. A couple Karen and Clayton invite three couples to enjoy a weekend at their house, but the wife hides her true intentions.

She put video cameras all over the house to find out how much a true love resists temptations. Unrated 75 min Drama. A faux-documentary about wife swapping clubs in the L. George, a reporter interviews the vice cop. The guys do not take off their Myra, a shy and sensitive young woman, loses her virginity to a rapist on her wedding night. Afraid to tell her husband, Mark, she grows to fear all sexual contact.

On an island vacation Directors: Bob AndersonMike B. Pairings and perspectives shift as the night wears on, until the light of day exposes the consequences of the evening.

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key party: her story

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key party: her story

Make me: Visible to all Visible to friends Invisible to everyone Online - available to chat Away - unavailable to chat. Latest Forum Posts:. Join Lush. Submit Story Random Story Categories. Hide Ad. Tags: swingingwifemultiple orgasmssexblowjobpussy eatingdoggyriding. Marc's wife wants to end their rut and surprises him with a party.

I couldn't believe she had agreed to this. Hell, she had been the one to approach me about it! This had been happening more and more often - the fights, not her spending the night away from our family. It was never over anything big - usually a bill or arguing over who had to drop off the kids at school. This is just what happens when you are married for this long. The daily stresses pile up and at the end of the day, you end up taking out on the people that you care about most. It was just the unfortunate side-effect of two adults working full time and raising two little kids.

All your energy goes into the other parts of your life, leaving little for the person you care about most.

Key Party: His Story

Miranda came home around pm that Saturday. She had clearly taken a detour to the gym and gotten in one of her favorite spin classes on her way home. She had always been slim but having kids put a little weight on her and over the past few years, she had fallen in love with these spin classes and the weight had fallen off. The only place that excess weight had remained was in her breasts. When we met, Miranda was probably a B-cup and now she was a full C-cup.

On her little frame, you could have convinced me she was a D-cup - in fact, I had taken a peek at her laundry just to be sure at one point.

I had a long talk with Lindsay last night that really put things in perspective for me. It never felt like she was making demands but it was obvious I had no choice in the matter. That sounds good. I have to admit, I was a bit confused. I canceled my plans for the hockey game and got ready to go to the gym. Now that Miranda was home to watch the kids, I had time to get a quick workout in before our pm reservation.

I knew she was going to be in the bathroom for a while getting ready so I headed down to the basement and sat down in my favorite chair. Things took a strange turn during my nap. I woke up about twenty minutes later to a pleasant sensation on my genitals. During my snooze, she had crept down the stairs, pulled down the elastic front of my shorts, and sucked me to a full erection.Miranda is convinced by a friend that a swingers party is the best way to save her marriage.

To link to this sex story from your site - please use the following code:. Stories Members Authors. Log In Sign Up. Make me: Visible to all Visible to friends Invisible to everyone Online - available to chat Away - unavailable to chat.

Latest Forum Posts:.

key party: her story

Join Lush. Submit Story Random Story Categories. Hide Ad. Tags: big cockswingingswappingblowjobwife. It started with another one of our fights.

Marc and I just seemed to be bickering a lot lately and this one has pushed me to the edge. Ten years? This shit happens. You hit a rough patch. You get past it. It is what it is — a rut. I have some other friends who did just that and their marriages are better than ever.

You know me. I had only been with one other guy before meeting Marc. Plus, the thought of him with someone else would kill me! I know people who do swapping parties.Last weekend, in the penthouse of an upscale, downtown hotel, I attended my first sex party. Fair enough, I thought. I was skeptical. How amazing could the participants of a paid orgy really be, even if it was invite-only?

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How unfair. Sadly, two weeks ago, she and I broke up. Or at least not right now. My hope was that spending time with Anne and her husband, as well as a room full of orgiastic swingers, would give me some insight into how I could have my relationship cake and eat it too. According to Anne, a year-old nurse, being nonmonogamous wasn't a desire but a necessity.

I thought that because they were older, they knew better.

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So I tried it, but both times I failed miserably—it was stressful, I cheated so much, and I hurt my partners. That decision has worked out well for her, because she ended up meeting her perfect match. But back to the sex party. Clearly, my biggest dilemma was what to wear: A cocktail dress? A gown?

Lingerie under a trench coat? After much deliberation, I finally decided on a candy-pink-and-white eighties Escada power suit and white stilettos, figuring that, if ever there were a time to look like a horny version of the First Lady, this was it.

Walking into the hotel, I was slightly intimidated by how many beautiful, well-dressed people there were. Anne was right. For the first two hours, people mostly danced, drank the free booze, and ate canapes. Suddenly the many beds, couches, and bathtubs were filled with people going at it. Popular depictions of swingers are usually sensational or retro, but the crowd at the party seemed like normal, nice people who were no different from me, which was encouraging.

I instantly noticed how respectful everyone was. Sex parties like this one, and discussions about alternatives to monogamy, have been getting increasing media coverage in recent years.

The Ethical Slut, which is probably the quintessential book on nonmonogamy, has been selling consistently since its publication in But what do the alternatives look like in practice? Zhana Vrangalovaa researcher and adjunct professor of human sexuality at NYU. Vrangalova had explained that nonmonogamous relationships generally fall into one of three main categories: swinging, polyamory, and open relationships.

Open relationships are similar in that a committed couple can have casual hook-ups, but their extracurricular sex tends to happen independently. Finally, polyamorous refers to people who have multiple simultaneous relationships that are not just sexual, but emotional and romantic as well. For instance, one could have a primary partner and a secondary partner, or three or four people could all be romantically linked together, known as a triad or a quad, respectively.

And from what I gathered at the sex party, this is very much the case.The roots of this story actually go back a little over 10 years. They go back to a day when I came home from work and found my wife Sue with her toes pointed to the ceiling and one of our friends, Leonard, plowing his cock into her.

That episode almost caused our divorce. It took us almost 6 months to resolve all the issues that led to her affair. It also led to a realization on my part to what drove her to another man. At the time we had only been married a little over three years and my job as a manufacturer's rep for industrial equipment took me all across the country.

I was gone a week at a time and several times for close to two weeks. Being only 23 and a typical young attractive woman my wife had needs that I just wasn't home to fill. I know that I had many of the same temptations on the road. We realized that we really loved each other and didn't want our marriage to disintegrate.

A Wife's Party

We agreed to an open marriage arrangement. We each knew that the other would have sexual needs to be filled and that we could fill those needs with others.

We agreed to let each other know when we had a "date" but not to go into more details than that. The plan has worked great over the past 10 years.

Up until six months ago we knew each other was having sex with other people but never knew any of the details. Sue and I have had a great sex life during the entire 10 year period. Six months ago my job changed and I found myself at home three weeks out of the month. Since I have been home more, neither one of us has had a "date. We started talking about getting involved in the swinging scene.

The only problem is that we didn't know where to get started. Two weeks ago after getting home from work my wife told me that she had some great news for me. She had called one of her lovers who she remembered did some swinging and he told her about a group of his friends that get together and engage in some wife swapping.

She also found out that they were having a "key party" the next Friday evening. For those of you that don't know what a key party is, when you show up at the party all of the men put their car keys into a jar. During the evening each lady pulls a set of keys out of the jar and goes home with the lucky owner.

It sounded like great fun and we both decided to give it a shot. Friday night arrived and we drove over to the house where the party was to be held. When we arrived we found about 10 or 12 couples already there. I excitedly dropped my keys in the jar and we both began to mingle around the party. Over the next couple of hours we met several very nice couples. We were both getting excited to find out who our partners were going to be for the evening.

We finally noticed the first lady head for the jar and extract a set of keys. Our eyes were glued to her as she pulled out the set of keys. It turns out the keys belonged to a 40 something blond gentleman sitting on the sofa across from us. When the lady found the owner of the keys they immediately got their coats and headed for the door. Over the next few minutes two more women got their keys and paired up with their new partners.

I gave my wife a kiss and patted her on the butt as she headed for the jar. She pulled a set of keys that belonged to a BMW. It only took her a few minutes to meet the owner. He was a local car salesman that we had spoken with earlier in the evening.


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