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Ben Lovejoy. It seems to be a day for nostalgia. The emulator allows you to run a wide range of early Macintosh software, from the MacWrite and MacPaint apps supplied with the machine through games like Lemmings and Frogger to early Microsoft apps like Multiplan and Chart.

It even runs Microsoft Flight Simulator 1. For me, it was fascinating to re-use the machine I first used to write for the early computer magazines back in The original version of MacWrite could store up to eight pages, so longer pieces had to be written in sections. If you had only the single built-in floppy drive, you would have to constantly swap system disk, MacWrite and data disk. You can run the emulator by clicking on any of the software found here.

Be patient, though, as it has to download the necessary files before loading, then everything runs at real-life speeds. Switching between normal size and full-screen is also a little flakey, so best to do that before you start using an app. FTC: We use income earning auto affiliate links.

Check out 9to5Mac on YouTube for more Apple news:. The Mac runs macOS for its operating system. He also writes fiction, with two technothriller novels, a couple of SF shorts and a rom-com!

April 17, Be sure to check out our homepage for all the latest news, and follow 9to5Mac on TwitterFacebookand LinkedIn to stay in the loop. Check out our exclusive storiesreviewshow-tosand subscribe to our YouTube channel. Ben Lovejoy's favorite gear.By tradition, most people use a keyboard and a display screen to communicate with a computer.

However, this is really an alien way of working, especially for anyone who has a physical disability.

Fortunately, two mechanisms can be used to ease the conveyance of information: speech synthesisin which the computer converts textual data into audible speech, and speech recognitionwhere the user dictates text or gives spoken instructions to the machine. To use TTSyour Extensions folder, which is inside the System Foldermust contain the Speech Manager file, at least one version of the MacinTalk files and a Voices folder, the latter with appropriate voice files.

Also, the Speech control panel must be in the Control Panels folder. Four different speech synthesisers can be used, matching the files in your Extensions folder Suitable for any Mac with aor processor running at under 33 MHz. An improved version of MacinTalkdesigned for machines running at 33 MHz or more.

For or PowerPC -based machines only. Some voices are compressed to reduce the memory requirements. This panel sets the defaults for speech synthesis. As shown below, you can choose the preferred Voice and Rate of delivery, and then click on the loudspeaker box to hear a sample.

The Talking Alerts options, as shown below, allows the system to speak whenever a warning dialogue box appears. You should enable the Speak the phrase checkbox and select a phrase if you want a standard message spoken in all dialogues.

To speak the text you simply select Speak All in the menu. And, if you wish, you can choose an alternative voice for the application. Some applications let you modify the voice parametersas in this dialogue used in So To Speak Eric Weidla neat program that demonstrates the full abilities of TTS As you can see, this application includes adjustments for Modulationwhich changes the inflection of the voice for emphasising parts of words or sentences, Pitchthe underlying tone of the voice, which is usually higher for females, and Ratethe speed of delivery, as found in the Speech control panel.

You can also select options such as Literal for Characters and Numberswhich means that the voice reads out each character or number individually. In this particular application, you can also use a Text Input in the form of Phonemes see belowproviding a more exact control over the voice.

Some applications also indicate the Gender of the voice, which in this instance is femaleand the Age of the speaker, which in this case is given as The extensions required for PlainTalk add extra features to the Speech control panel. The Listening option, as shown below, lets you choose a special key combination that makes the computer listen.

This prevents your machine from following verbal instructions that are meant for someone else.

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If the key combination is used to toggle speech recognition you can choose whether or not to prefix your verbal instructions with a specific word, such as Computer. When recognition is activated, a graphical character appears, in this instance with the name of Connie. If Speak text feedback is selected, the character speaks back to the user.

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Macintosh PlainTalk MacInTalk and System 7 Text to Speech Voices

Rata : Rude? While the original Japanese version of Dragon Ball Super 's Auto Magetta had a voice actor, when the series was dubbed in English by Funimation, the character was instead voiced by a text-to-voice program where he spoke entirely in onomatopoeia for robotic sounds. The episode title announcer in Serial Experiments Lain was a Macintosh program named PlainTalk often falsely called "Whisperer" because of its "Whisper" voice mode. They planned to do this to make the Voice of God in The Prince of Egyptbut after discovering a lot of really good demonic voices they just used Val Kilmer for both Moses and God.

The voices of the other actors are used quietly to provide a sort of echo. Short Circuit likewise used TextAssist for the voice of the robots, except for Johnny 5, who was dubbed by a voice actor to show that he really had emotions. Live-Action TV. The Cylons in the original Battlestar Galactica series spoke this way human actors run through a synthesizer. Doctor Who : Averted in all instances. The BBC originally considered doing this for the Daleks, but with technology, they could have done only 45 seconds of dialogue this way, so they used a human voices filtered through a ring modulator.

It's actually pretty easy to duplicate the Dalek voices. Record your voice with Dalek speech-patterns, over-amplify it to add clipping distortions this step is the one people often forget or don't know about, including, occasionally, the actual BBC effects peoplethen run the results through a ring modulator plugin using Hz for the frequency of the modulation. The initial creepy sing-song voice of the Cybermen in "The Tenth Planet" was created by human voice actors imitating the glitchy speech cadences of the first ever 'singing' computer, IBM The BBC did the Cyberman voices for most of the s by having a human actor use an electrolarynx an artificial throat-vibrating device for people who had lost their larynx to cancer or injury - they're rarely heard nowadays, but a prominent fictional user is Ned in South Park.

macintalk 1

The revival version of the Cybermen simply had an actor's voice run through a ring modulator with a different setting to what was used for the Daleks. The Daleks, also, do not have mechanical voices, only voices that sound mechanical.In the May,issue of the Macintosh Software Supplement Apple released a package of tools and code units collectively called MacinTalk 1.

With these tools programmers can make their Macintosh programs talk without any additional hardware.

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In this article I'll explain the general workings of MacinTalk and develop a small application program in assembly language that will show you how to use the main features of MacinTalk in your own programs.

The MacinTalk system's most basic component is a driver that contains several procedures available to your programs. The driver is contained in a file called 'MacinTalk', and this file must be on the same volume as any application that wishes to use the MacinTalk driver. You can also use another part of the driver to convert standard English text into phonetic codes which can then be spoken by the driver.

Furthermore, there are parts of the driver that you can use to control the rate of speaking and the pitch. Beyond the actual driver procedures that you will be using in your programs, there are a few tools that are useful to you while you are preparing a program that will use speech. The program 'Speech Lab' allows you to enter English text in one window and then hear the MacinTalk speech and see the phonetic translation in another window.

This program is very useful for learning the tricks of the phonetic code system used by Macintalk. For example, the English sentence "This is a test. This program can be used to pre-translate strings that your program will speak when the strings are known ahead of time.

It is more efficient, both in time and memory, to feed phonetic strings directly to the MacinTalk driver rather than relying on translation at run time. Also, if you pre-translate you will be able to fine tune the phonetics, because the translation is not always perfect. The translation of English to phonetics is governed by hundreds of phonetic and grammatical rules contained in the Macintalk driver, but these rules will not get every word right.

Another program in the Macintalk 1. This program allows you to create a special file of tricky words and their correct phonetic translation. Exception Edit lets you experiment with the phonetic strings until you get them right, and then save those translations for later use. A file created by Exception Edit can be automatically loaded and utilized by mentioning it when the MacinTalk driver is opened, as shown in a later section of this article.

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There are seven procedures in the MacinTalk driver that your program can call. They are listed briefly below. This function opens up the driver and initializes the values for speecd and pitch.

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If you pass a null string for ExceptionsFile, then the translation of English to phonetics will follow the standard rules. If you pass a valid file name for ExceptionsFile, then that file, which must have been created by Exception Edit, will be used to help guide translation.

If you pass the string 'noReader' for ExceptionsFile, then the driver will be opened but it will only be able to receive phonetic input and it will not be able to translate English to phonetics. This is the work horse of the driver.PlainTalk is the collective name for several speech synthesis MacInTalk and speech recognition technologies, developed by Apple Inc. InApple invested a lot of work into speech recognition technology, hiring many respected researchers in the field.

It was made a standard system component in System 7. Apple's text-to-speech uses diphones. Compared to other methods of synthesising speech, it is not very resource-intensive, but there is a limit to how natural the synthesis can get. See the speech synthesis article for details.

macintalk 1

American English and Spanish versions have been available, but the current version supports exclusively American English. An application programming interface known as the Speech Manager enables third-party developers to use speech synthesis in their applications.

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There are various control sequences that can be used to fine-tune the intonation and rhythm. The volumepitch and rate of the speech can be configured as well. Eventually, Apple released a supported speech synthesis system, called MacInTalk 2. It supports any Macintosh running System 6. It remained the recommended version for slower machines even after the release of MacInTalk 3 and Pro.

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Each synthesiser supported a different set of voices. Text-to-speech has been a part of every Mac OS X version. The size of the voice was almost 20 times greater, because of the higher-quality diphone samples used.

Apple hired many speech recognition researchers in After about a year, they demoed a technology codenamed Casper. It was released as part of the PlainTalk package in Although available for all PowerPC Macintoshes and some 68k machines, it has typically not been part of the default system install. The user had to do a custom installation of the OS to get speech recognition capabilities.

Apple's speech recognition is voice-command oriented, i.There are therefore many cases where the speech synthesis says the syllable count of each line is wrong but the sum of the words is correct, or vice versa, and I had to make some decisions on which of those to keep.

Here are some interesting examples of words which are pronounced differently depending on punctuation or context:. Though in a different context, where — is a minus sign, and meant to be pronounced, it might need to go at the start of the next line. Greater-than and less-than signs have the same ambiguity, as they are not pronounced when they surround a single word as in an html tag, but are if they are unmatched or surround multiple words separated by spaces. Quite a few haiku were missed or spuriously found due to that bug, but I happened to find it when trimming out harmless whitespace.

This is not just because it knows there is a saint called John; strangely enough, it also gets this one wrong:. Download the new Haiku Detector and paste your favourite novels, theses, holy texts or discussion threads into it. Being a baby is like paying attention with most of our brain. They may even be a different kind of cell that just looks similar. It is easy to see how the mind and the brain became equated. We like to think of ourselves as rational and logical creatures.

macintalk 1

It was the test data set that kept on giving. Posted by Angela Brett in Holidailies on December 14, I felt a bit bad about having to truncate the full-length instrumental that Colleen and Joseph made for JoCo Day is Wunnerfulso, having already taught my robot choir the main melody, I decided to record my own cover of Christmastime is Wunnerful.

Here is the result:. Festive holiday figure robots for the purposes of augmenting human morale and productivity: Trinoids. Human male emulation for the purposes of undetectable redaction: Ralph.

Leave a comment. I originally wrote Haiku Detector because my friend Gry saw Times Haiku and wondered whether there were any haiku in her Ph. The other day I heard back about the haiku she found. It turns out that even the title of the thesis is a haiku:. Developments for studies of the extremes of nuclear matter. The last line is a bit of an anticlimax.

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As of today, the origin of this strength is not well understood. When I read this one, I wondered if miniball was a mini-golf style version of another ball game:. After seeing these, I sent her the as-yet-unreleased new version of Haiku Detector, which can detect haiku made up of several sentences. Having mostly had my name on papers authored by the entire CMS collaborationI expected her to find a lot of haiku in the author list.

But ISOLDE is much smaller, and also this is her thesis that she wrote, not some paper whose author list she got tacked onto. So she got some from references:. That last one has so many possibilities. I like to think of it as being about an electronic band called The Oslo Method which released a 45rpm record about The Matrix. Unfortunately, nobody can be told what the haiku is.

You have to see it for yourself. And indeed, you can see the other haiku she found on the MyHaikuThesis tag on Twitter. Haiku Detector on her Mac has treated them as having zero syllables, as if they are not pronounced, and I think I recall characters like that not being pronounced in the Princeton Companion to Mathematics. I think that this might be a new feature in Yosemite.

I tried with a few emoji and other special characters, and that hypothesis is upheld. So this should be a haiku in Yosemite, though for some reason Haiku Detector does not detect it:. A lot of people did.


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