Mazda bongo problems

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Mazda bongo problems

All advice is given in good faith and believed to be correct but is followed at you own risk. Factsheets are at the bottom of this page. As the Bongo ages, the mosquito net screen deteriorates in the roof tent.

mazda bongo problems

It's a problem common to many older campers; Holes appear and the mesh no longer keeps insects out while letting air circulate. But luckily, you can also replace the mesh in place! Jeffery Lee has shared the 'how to' instructions, on his Westfalia site.

Here's the link - you could have a look around while you're there, it's an interesting site. The Mazda Bongo was also produced as the Ford Freda. The trim differs but they are mechanically identical. They're a versatile 8 seat MPV, suitable for everyday use. The AFT roof raises; this gives standing room in the Bongo. It also forms a roof tent, with sleeping space for two adults. The tin-top roof does not raise. In all models, the seats fold down into a double bed. When used as a Camper, adding a side or tailgate awning can double the living space.

The rear seat layout differs between earlier and later models. All models have 2 rows of seats behind the driver and passenger. Each row holds 3 people, with two 3-point seatbelts and a centre lap belt. The seats are adjustable and they slide. This allows plenty of boot space when not used for passengers. In later models, this is a bench seat which does not fold away. All seat backs fold flat.Please consider a small donation to help us cover our running cost,so that we can keep this site FREE for everyone.

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mazda bongo problems

Visit Lifesure. Please log in or register a account with us. Remember Me. Remember me. Log in Forgot your password? Index Recent Topics Search. Read More Start Prev 1 2 Next End. Adscan Topic Author Visitor. I have a split charge system fitted to my Bongo.

Recently my leisure battery has been going flat, reading with the engine on idle it is only showing I recently replaced the alternator as the old one died. Any ideas where to start looking? Could the new alternator be at fault? Check the relay is getting 12V when the engin is on - listen for a click when you turn the key. Perhaps somehting changed when the alternator was changed? I spen hrs trying to get mine going, it turned out to be a bad earth to the relay.

Good luck. I have a complete new kit from Rooster that I am going to fit when I get a chance. Hopefully this will cure the charge problem. You shouldn't get a click from a VSR unit. You won't get a click from a split charge relay that is wired to the alternator. You will however get a click if you have a standard HD relay wired to the ignition, but it should be a secondary ignition so that the relay drops out disonnects the 2 batteries while cranking.

I have no idea what is fitted.

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Here are some pics of what is fitted. I am confused what the red cable as the bottom right of last pic, it comes from relay and down into the carpet by the side step.

mazda bongo problems

Any idea what it is connected to? Alternator maybe?

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Last Edit: 3 years 10 months ago by Adscan. Reason: add txt. Powered by Kunena Forum. All Rights Reserved. Designed by olwebdesign.Whether you are already a Mazda Bongo or Ford Freda owner, or are just thinking about joining the ranks of many happy Bongo owners, we thought we would put together some top tips to help you keep your Bongo running!

As they say, they are not making any more of them so we have to look after the ones we have. Tyre size: 2. It is recommended to change the oil in a diesel bongo every 6, miles or 12 months whichever comes soonest. For petrol engine the interval is 10, miles or 12 months whichever comes soonest. The recommended replacement interval to change the coolant in a Mazda Bongo is every 2 years. Based on the assumption you change the coolant, a good quality standard anti freeze will be suitable i.

The whole system holds about 13 litres so you will need 6 litres of antifreeze in your system if you are filling from empty. Please remember to refill with the same colour that is already in your Bongo. If the hoses look swollen, change them! Inspect the coolant radiator; this is behind the air-conditioning radiator. If the air-conditioning radiator is collapsing and furred up it could be seriously reducing the air flow to the main cooling radiator.

Mazda Bongo

If you change a hose it is worth using a Jubilee clip rather than the original Mazda clip. The original clips will be old and were perfect when all the parts were new, but perhaps not so good now. Unfortunately, some Mazda Bongos were not under-sealed when they were imported into the UK. As vehicles are not under-sealed as standard in Japan, you will need to have the underside of your Bongo inspected to avoid expensive bodywork bills or MoT corrosion failures.

These are prone to failure if the bearing at the bottom of the front fan motor starts to seize. The front Fan Motor will then draw more current and burn out the resistor pack, positioned above the fan most common on manual Air-con cars.

If you have this problem, simply replacing the resistor pack may not be best fix. If the fan motor is still tight, the new resistor is likely to blow again. You may still need a new fan motor.

To help avoid this and prolong the life of your front fan motor, there is a small drain hole in the front screen scuttle that is often blocked! Water from the screen can then run over the lip of the scuttle and drip onto the fan box.

Keep this drain hole and its tube clear, check it when you wash your Bongo. You will need to remove the grey plastic centre consul to see this.

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It is a single wire that should be attached to the back of the handbrake on a single spade terminal. This is the safety wire to stop the roof working unless the handbrake is on. Head gasket or more commonly, cylinder head failure, is usually caused from something as simple as a failed thermostat or split hose.Update your browser to view this website correctly.

Update my browser now. Rob Hawkins looks at what can go wrong with a Mazda Bongo Friendee or a Ford Freda — so you can not only buy a good camper van, but head off trouble with a bit of general maintenance. The Mazda Bongo and its sister vehicle, the Ford Freda, were never officially imported to the UK, but were numerous in Japan during the s. These narrow-bodied commercials became very popular as camper vans. The rules on older vehicles in Japan mean that servicable vehicles become uneconomic to run at a certain age and enterprising motor dealers in the UK realised that bringing well-equipped used, right-hand drive vehicles here was a good idea.

The Bongo-based camper vans came to the UK in huge numbers during the early s through companies such as Wellhouse Leisure. They are now a very common sight on the second-hand market and can represent incredible value. Care must be taken to avoid problems. There are a number of problems associated with the Mazda Bongo, which in some cases have given it a bad name. The most well-known dilemma is head gasket failure, resulting in expensive repair bills, especially if the cylinder head has cracked.

We visited KG Auto Engineers to discover the typical trouble associated with the Bongo and the best solutions for fixing and avoiding them. Aside from the aforementioned head gasket failure, most problems concern the brakes, steering, suspension and electrics, which are all relatively straightforward to fix.

The Bongo is best known for its head gasket failure. This can often be identified by lifting the bonnet and looking inside the header tank located on the nearside. In both engines, look inside the filler for a milky substance, which usually indicates head gasket failure.

It can balloon and crack, resulting in coolant loss, overheating and head gasket failure. It should be renewed if it looks at all suspicious. This is usually easy to fix by undoing the two slider bolts for each calliper 14mm rear, 17mm front and greasing them, plus cleaning the brake pads and the surfaces where they sit.

Check the condition of the brake flexi-hoses as they can perish, which would cause the Bongo to fail its MoT. On the rear brakes, look for oil leaks from the axle, which may contaminate the handbrake shoes, resulting in an ineffective handbrake on one side.Please consider a small donation to help us cover our running cost,so that we can keep this site FREE for everyone.

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Servicing and Tips

Log in Username. Remember me. Log in Forgot your password? Read More Start Prev 1 2 Next End. I have done this process before with success but we had to change a hose and re-fill the coolant. I then bled the system and the process seemed to go fine, we took it a 25 mile run and it was fine.

I thought at first it was going to just reach a level but then the gauge started to climb and nothing we could do would stop it, so AA recovery truck home. My feelings were maybe we didn't get all the air so we bled it again, twice but both times we coudn't get it to a stage where there were no bubbles coming out in the funnel, last process we did took 2 hours and I was not long home from a hard day's work and just couldn't go any longer plus I didn't believe it was going to get any better, so I stopped.

I wondered if maybe it is drawing air in somewhere, so tonight I checked all the connections, nipped up any jubilee clips I had off recently and checked all the levels, all seemed fine. A few miles down the road though it started pushing out coolant at the expansion tank again, bottom hose cold by this time and there was a ton of steam and pressure inside the bleed hose and not so much coolant.

I checked the temp of hoses and so on with a laser gauge and nothing was particularly hot, except the cylinder head which was at degrees, so I am guessing no coolant in there.

Mazda Bongo - mystery switch - headlights dim when stationary

You may have goosed your head Do you have a low coolant alarm.? Thanks for your reply. I am still working on it, carefully. Where I am with it now is as follows; I did another bleed and seemed to get more air out. Took it a run but the fans are coming on pretty quickly, gauge reads fine and I just returned it home and switched off. I think the head is hot, possibly being full of air, Laser temp gauge reads degrees on the front metal parts of the head but at the same time only about 60 degrees in the bleed pipe just next to it.

I am not sure if 90 degrees is normal or not, everyone seem to talk about coolant temp and not the temperature of the block or more importantly the head. I am pretty confident there are no leaks now, air or otherwise but I do think there is still air in the system.

The AA guy checked it for head gasket issues and it came up OK, since then we have been working on it and treating it with kid gloves but still working on it so that's not to say nothing has gone wrong since. I have however bought a pressure bleed kit, it came with zero instructions so I am learning as I go.

Tonight I got it to work, almost, it is holding vacuum so that's good news and confirms the no leaks situation but I couldn't get the pressure up as high as I wanted, although it did everything else as it was supposed to. I know what the problem was lack of air in the compressor tankso tomorrow I will make sure everything is charged up and have another go.It has been built with rear- middle- as well as front-mounted engines.

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It also formed the basis for the long running Kia Bongo range. It is named for the African Bongoa type of antelope. Mazda first introduced its small vanthe Bongo, in May The rear-engined Bongo was produced in two versions fromas the F was joined by the bigger-engined F The engines were shared with Mazda's Familia small car range.

Production ended indue to Mazda suffering serious economic troubles and upcoming stricter emissions regulations for This model retained the same body shape for its year production life, the later models fitted with inertia-reel seat belts, and separate front parking indicator lights. The rear-engined Bongos had a full chassis using the same Mazda engine as other variants mounted to a four-speed transaxle at the rear and were very strong and due to the low gearing, able to carry half a ton.

Due to rust and poor maintenance, these Bongos are now rare. The pickup and Bongo chassis are different, with common front suspension and brake components. The next Bongo van appeared in September It was a mid-engine rear wheel drive vehicle.

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Ford sold this version of the van as the Ford Econovanwhile Mazda sold it for export as the EEand Edepending on engine size. Beginning in February a 2. As the E, this model went on sale in Great Britain inonly a year before being replaced. The British market only received the long wheelbase 1-tonne panel van version with small, twinned rear wheels. The UK model has a five-speed manual gearbox with a column mounted shifter.

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